Success Stories!


Julie -

I started CrossFit in the summer of 2012, a year after I had my first baby. I had been a big exerciser from the time of high school, spending a lot of time running and working out at the gym. After I had my baby, I couldn’t spend the same amount of hours a day that I used to exercise and I felt like I just never got fully back into my routine. At the time, CrossFit was becoming more popular and my sister and a coworker told me about it so I decided to try it. I immediately loved it.
A few of the things I liked about it were the intensity of the workouts and the fact that you just had to show up and the coach would have the workout planned for you. As the months went on, I went from going to 2 classes a week to 5 classes consistently. I remember saying that the things I did in that class I would never do just working out at a gym on my own. Slowly I started progressing in different areas and it made me want to continue to get better. It also helped to watch certain people in terms of motivation to get where they were. I saw my body progress in a different way than it had just through running or whatever I was doing in the gym prior to this. It was also a great stress reliever mentally and physically for that hour.
After about a year of doing CrossFit, I got pregnant with my second baby. Although I planned to eat right and continue CrossFit throughout the pregnancy, that didn’t happen, but I came back 6 weeks after having my second baby in 2014 and have never stopped since then. It took a little while, but after getting my diet in a better order my body had looked better at age 40 than it did at 20. The things I like most about being here is that now these are some of the best people I know and I always having a goal or something to work toward. I can’t get enough of this place for both my mind and body and I look forward to 4:30 after work everyday.


Amanda -

Growing up I was always on the thinner side.  My nickname in high school was Vega-Bonez because I was skin and bones.  I felt invincible eating garbage 24/7 it was probably up until I hit 21 where I started packing on the pounds.  I would go through phases where I would sign up at Lucille Roberts, Zumba, Kickboxing, Planet Fitness, etc.  I could never really stick through with anything.  From the age of 21 to probably around 30 the scale jumped up 30+ pounds!  In fall of 2014 my partner Rob discovered CrossFit.  He took the introduction class and fell in love with it!  His excitement and passion for it got me excited too.  I signed up for CrossFit a couple weeks later!  It was very tough but I always felt satisfied after every work out.  A moment I will never forget before I became a member at (formerly known as) CFLI, I attended one of their Opens.  I was completely blown away by how amazing the community was.  I thought it was the coolest thing watching Dom do a legless rope climb like a little monkey!  I was so impressed by everyone.  Since joining CrossFit I have made amazing friendships! I met my friend Amandine through CrossFit and we immediately partnered up and connected.  We push each other every day to try and make ourselves better.  Since joining CrossFit and committing myself to 5x a week with a strict macro nutrition plan I have dropped 30 plus pounds.  I am much active/stronger than I have ever been in my life.  I never would have thought I would be able to do pull ups, climb a rope, get my toes to the bar or do handstand pushups in a WOD!  I have become obsessed with trying to beat my record or lift heavier.  I push myself to try and use the RX weight for the WOD's something I never would have thought I would be able to do when I first started.  I used to say "awww I wish I could do that" now i say "I can't wait to practice that and be able to do it".  Even when I am not at the gym I am at the gym because I am in a bunch of group chats with my CF girls where we all constantly push each other and lift each other to be better!  I love the CF community and I love the coaches at CFU!  I am never embarrassed or ashamed to have them correct my form.  I am actually thankful for them pointing out my form because when I do it right it just seems that much easier!  The CFU Coaches and Community never gave up on me and that always pushed me to do better.  I am forever grateful for finding them.


Rachel -

More about Rachel's success story coming soon!!