Huge shout out to Ryan Nash for completing a half iron man up in Lake Placid this past weekend! Here’s a little clip in his own words how this event was for him!

“What an experience!! It was a tough 3 months of training but all worth it in the end. As much as I was nervous for the swim it went great, I for sure underestimated the hills on the bike and by the end of the bike I was barley moving the run started well but the fatigue set in and I was hurting bad. I Finished well inside my goals for this event and had an absolute blast in one of the most scenic places I’ve ever been. Huge thanks to my biggest supporter Ali Nash without her I wouldn’t have made it past the starting line! A huge thanks to Frank Oliva, Andrea SchieckSongen and Peter Schieck for the advice during both training and race day! So after a 1.2 mile swim 56 hilly miles on the bike and a brutal 13.1 mile run, 6 hours 35 minutes and 48 seconds later, I can officially call myself half an Ironman!”

Strength- Every 2:00 x 6

  • 6 Back Squats @ 70%

WOD - 4 Rounds

  • 500m Row

  • 400m Run

  • Rest 1:00

Sorry for the late post today!

Thank you to everyone who came down for the “Always Remembered” wod we had yesterday. What an emotional day. And to complete a workout in honor of those involved with that day is special to us.

WOD- 15-12-9-12-15

  • T2B

  • Deadlifts (205/145)

  • Lateral Burpees

Midline- 3RNFT

  • 15 Hollow rocks

  • 18 Good Mornings (45/35)

  • 21 Sit ups

  • 24 Supermans


Today we remember.


Today we remember.

We will never forget that tragic day. Where we were. What we were doing. How we heard about it. Watching everything unfold on the news. Calling family and friends trying to figure out why this is happening.

Today we will be completing a wod in memory of those who lost their lives 18 years ago… 18 years…. Seems like a lifetime ago yet somehow reliving it over again year after year makes it seem like it is still so fresh.

Partner WOD- “Always Remembered” Team of 2 For Time:

  • 2001 m Row Buy-in

    4 Rounds:

  • 9 Rope Climbs

  • 11 Bear Complex (135/95)

  • 2977 m Row Buy-out

MEANING: The Buy-in to represent the year. Four rounds to represent the four planes. Rope climbs to represent the month. Bear complexes to represent the day. And finally the buy-out row to represent the lives lost.

Mu paleo samples

This evening a rep from Muscle Up Paleo will be in the lobby giving out samples and info! She will be here for our 4:30 class and on. Their meal service is delivered to our gym every week and ordering is simple! Orders placed by Thursday night will be delivered for Monday pick up.

Come down for a wod and a sample meal today! A great way to sub in a healthy meal instead of the occasional “I’ll just run out to the deli for lunch quick” option.

Skill- 6 min AMRAP

  • 1 Strict Pull Up + 1 Strict HSPU

  • 2… + 2….

  • 3…. + 3…. etc…


  • 15 KB Swings (70/53)

  • 400m Run

  • 40 DU