Apparel Released!


Use this link to fill out the Google Sheet for our new apparel pre-order! Make sure the doc loads all the way before typing your order.

Pre-order is open until December 7th and expected to arrive before the holidays! If you have trouble filling out the sheet contact us with your full order!

Today we are completing a “CompTrain benchmark” called BANE! Check out their social media to see others crush this wod too! We have a bunch of different modifications for movements in today’s workout. Choose them appropriately in order to finish this workout.

WOD - “BANE” For Time:

  • 40 HSPU

  • 20 Ring MU

  • 10 Rounds “Macho Man” (165/115)

    • 1 Rd = 3 P. Cleans + 3 FS + 3 Push Jerks