Give it your best shot

Found this little passage and wanted to share it with you all. We only have 1 life… might as well give it your best!

Reminder there is no 9:30am class today.


“It’s easy to consider today “not our best moment”. It’s easy to tell ourselves that our best day will come another time. That we just aren’t ready. That things will line up better for us on the next go-around. Tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.

To hell with that. Waiting for the stars to align is the largest mistake we can make. The best version of ourselves is never anything else than a choice. A choice to give our unrelenting, most fierce effort, regardless of our current circumstances. To give whatever we have – and everything we have.

We made a commitment to ourselves to give our best effort. We would never undergo anything in life with a half-dedicated mindset. Along the way, there will be hurdles, obstacles, and self-doubts. We’re human – that’s going to happen. The next question is, are they fuel for the next action, or a foot on the brakes? It’s never about what we plan for tomorrow, but what we do today…”

Strength- Back Squat every 3:00

  • 10 @ 70%

  • 8 @ 75%

  • 6 @ 80%

  • 4 @ 85%

  • 2 @ 90%

WOD - For time

  • 35/25 Cal Row

  • 20 Alt. DB Snatch

  • 35/25 Cal Row