Strength & Skillz

MORNING CREW - please use caution when coming to the gym, roads might be icy.

Whats better than combining our strength with our skills! Today we are getting after it! Practice makes perfect with everything. If we feel like we are getting “stuck” with a modification, ask a coach how to progress from where you are. We are here to help YOU. We’ve got a bunch of different modifications up our sleeves to share. Pick our brains!

Strength - Every 2:00 x 5 Sets

  • 3 Front Squats + 6 Back Squats +

  • 25-50- ft. Handstand walk or practice :30-:40sec

WOD - 18 min AMRAP

  • 21/15 Cal Row

  • 3 Rounds C2B Cindy

  • 5 Squats Cleans (185/135)