Registration date extended

If you haven’t seen on social media already check out the video right here! We have had questions about which division to choose… Rx athletes MUST have unassisted C2B pull ups, 20/14 Wallballs to 10ft. target, 95/65 thrusters/snatches. These movements are very common within the open each year.

There is NO going back and forth each week with divisions, what you sign up with is the one you will be competing in through the 5 weeks. Registration date is extended to this weekend (Sunday 2/17 by midnight) Cash orders due by the end of next week.

Coach Pat vs. Coach Dom!!! We will be explaining how the scoring system works once we announce the teams! (selected randomly next week) Make sure you get your name and shirt size on the list!!

Skill - Every 4:00 x 3 Rounds

  • 15 Supermans

  • 15/12 Cal Row

  • 15 HSPU

WOD - 50-40-30-20-10

  • DU

  • 20 ft. HS Walk

  • Sit ups

  • 20 ft. HS Walk