Half murph!

In exactly one month to the day we will be completing Hero WOD “Murph”. A tradition we will continue to uphold every Memorial Day weekend. Friday May 24th let’s come together as a community to complete this workout in honor of an incredible human being, Lt. Michael Murphy.

More details to come as the date gets closer. Start time TBA, also we will only be open in the evening that day to do the workout as a community!

This is a very long and deceiving workout, today we will be completing HALF in preparation for next month. We highly suggest if this is your first time completing half (or the full wod next month) to scale accordingly. The reps may be partitioned how ever you want BUT the runs have to be completed in full at the start and end.

WOD- “Half Murph” For Time:

  • 800m Run

  • 50 Pull ups

  • 100 Push ups

  • 150 Squats

  • 800m Run

    • wear body armor if possible