With the last 5 weeks under our belts and pushing through the Open workouts we just want to say how proud we are of our community. There is just SO much support flying around this place it’s unbelievable! From daily classes to special in-house events sometimes we get caught up in the mix of it all and have to step back to look at all the amazing moments we have experienced together.

Lets keep this movement flowing! Here’s to a healthy forever!

Wednesday schedule- 4:30pm class- 5:30pm Lifestyle Challenge meeting - 6:30pm class - 7:30pm class

Strength- OTM x 8

  • 1 Snatch deadlift +

  • 1 Hang Power Snatch +

  • 1 Power Snatch

WOD- 20 min AMRAP

  • 30 Single arm DB push press (50/35)

  • 30 DU

  • 30 Wall balls (20/14)

  • 30 DU

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