Live life

Lifestyle meeting today at 5:30pm… today’s class schedule in the evening will be 4:30pm class - 6:30pm class - 7:30pm class (no open gym)

Come down and listen in about how we can maximize our time spent outside of the gym to the best of our abilities. We only have you for one hour of the day, let’s fix the other 23!

If you cannot make the meeting we will be sending out info in an email, as well as your “LOOK” questionnaire which will be included in the email attachment as well.

WOD- 5 min AMRAP 5 min REST

  • Buy-in : Rd1= 50/35 Cals, Rd2= 35/20 Cals, Rd3= 20/15 Cals

  • Rd1 = 12 DL (185/135) Rd2= 8 DL (225/155) Rd3= 4DL (265/145)

  • 8 Box Jump Overs

    • score= Total DL + Box jump overs

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