Let's take a "LOOK"


For those who were at the Lifestyle Challenge meeting yesterday we know what the title of this post means. For those who were not there, and to everyone in general, we will be sending out an e-mail later this afternoon to Fourtress Health and Performance’s website where you can locate the “LOOK” self assessment documents and register for the 30 day “LEAP” challenge (which we will be starting April 1st) Anyone can join us! The “LOOK” will take place starting today, tomorrow, and Saturday. Take 10 minutes at the end of your day to evaluate your everyday life and score yourself. (you’ll find out what the meaning of the scores are afterwards)

This program is meant to run beside what we do here at CFU. We only have you for 1 hour of the day in the gym to become stronger - better - faster. FHP run along our fitness programming to help aid in our everyday life and how we can maximize our fullest potential of life! Once the website is up and running and you have any questions there will be a contact link on there for you to use.

Strength - Back Squat Every 3:00

  • 10 @ 70%

  • 8 @ 75%

  • 6 @ 80%

  • 4 @ 85%

  • 2 @ 90@


  • 5 Strict HSPU

  • 10 Strict Pull Ups

  • 100 ft. Walking Lunge

  • 20 Sit ups

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